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 Smite Example:Smite Forllok: Jungle>support>adc>mid

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Smite Example:Smite Forllok: Jungle>support>adc>mid Empty
PostSubject: Smite Example:Smite Forllok: Jungle>support>adc>mid   Smite Example:Smite Forllok: Jungle>support>adc>mid EmptyThu Mar 12, 2015 11:27 am

I am a jungler through and through. Ganking lanes left and right double, triple, quadra its apart of the game.  I change the tide of a battle when i come from behind the enemies lines.  I focus the squishies then go for the front.
 So lets play, and I'll gank your lanes.
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Smite Example:Smite Forllok: Jungle>support>adc>mid
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