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 adstro101's smite application

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adstro101's smite application  Empty
PostSubject: adstro101's smite application    adstro101's smite application  EmptyThu Mar 19, 2015 3:10 pm

Age: 15

What role are you: support or adc.

What is your Level: I have played for a few teams, and competed in tournaments in the past.

Favorite God: Artemis or ymir.

Any Diamond gods?: Artemis, ymir, ra and freya. I am working on others as well.

Do you have a mic/headset: Yes. I have a laptop mic, and a headset.

Will you listen to your Group Leaders: Yes, I will work with the group leaders in order to secure the success of the team I play for.
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adstro101's smite application
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