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 Team - 1st Vain-Shadow

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Team - 1st Vain-Shadow  Empty
PostSubject: Team - 1st Vain-Shadow    Team - 1st Vain-Shadow  EmptyTue Mar 03, 2015 12:46 am

Team - 1st Vain-Shadow  DhjQWOf
Vain Shadow is a Vain Glory Official Team, Giving tribute to the Star wars focused games and causing victory wherever they go, Vain Shadow is literally what the name means, a bunch of Assassin type people going out killing enemy players for Glory and misery - It is lead by Vulcid Shadowalker; Sith Lord of the VG Empire.


Middle:                                  Vulcid                                          

Solo: 1st; Theswagprodigy0 - 2nd; GamingLegitly - 3rd; KingPandalot 

ADC:          1st; Itzaceshott - 2nd; Reaper23_g - 3rd; SexxyJesus      

Support:           1st; KingPandalot - 2nd; p00zle - 3rd; petebroguy      
Jungle: 1st; GamingLegitly - 2nd; Theswagprodigy0 - 3rd; Fishh

Team Type:

War Based Tactical Team

How To Join:

Must be handpicked by Vulcid

How to Improve in the Team:

Each 1st String Role Player is the trainer of that role, talk to him/her to improve and get better, the 2nd tier player can help the 3rd tier.


1. No Disrespect
2. No Cheating!
3. Causing Chaos / Immaturity will give you a instant kick from the team
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Team - 1st Vain-Shadow
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